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(Pocket-lint) - Music streaming is just part of the furniture now - we're all so used to being able to hop on our phone and put some tunes on that we take it for granted.

That said, it can be just as difficult as ever to know what streaming service is the best option for you. After all, there are now so many on the market. If you're an iPhone user, though, Apple Music is a bit of a no-brainer - find out what makes the service so impressive, right here. Before you do, though, don't sleep on the fact that you can now get a three-month trial of it absolutely free!

    Apple Music - Free three month trial

    Unbelievable audio quality

    Apple raised the game recently when it announced not just that Apple Music would be getting lossless audio, but also that the new quality would come at no extra cost for its subscribers.

    This means that if you're listening on a pair of high-quality headphones, you're going to hear parts of your favourite tracks that you couldn't pick out before, and notice details that would previously have been difficult to discern. There's a lot of hype behind lossless audio, for good reason - it's a pretty major upgrade when you've got access to it.

    The fact that Apple Music gives it to you as standard is a big leg-up on some of its competition, many of which charge extra for the privilege.

    The Apple ecosystem

    Let's be clear - if you're an Android phone user, Apple Music is still a really great option, with the exact same amazing library and superb prices.

    If you're all in on Apple's ecosystem of products, though, it really becomes something even more special. Moving between an iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch or iPad is already seamless and impressive, but when your music comes with you each step of the way it gets even better. Downloading your songs to an Apple Watch so you can run with them, or tapping your iPhone on a HomePod mini to transfer playback to your speaker - there are loads of ways it just works beautifully.

    A huge library

    Of course, part of what makes Apple Music so great is a bit more obvious - the huge library of songs, artists, albums and playlists it's got to call upon, with more than 75 million songs in all and more being added all the time.

    It means that you're all but certain to find your favourite artists on there with full discographies, but also that it's dead easy to discover fresh new talents and hidden gems. This is made even more pleasant as a process by the brilliant Apple radio stations, including the superb Music 1, which will have you bopping along all through your working day.

    Great value

    Of course, a huge part of the judgement when it comes to choosing a subscription service is working out what represents the best value for you.

    Apple's done really well on this front, too, thankfully. Firstly, you can get a completely free three-month trial to try it out for a properly long period to work out if it's right for you.

    Once that's done, though, the pricing is nice and easy. An Individual plan costs £9.99 or $9.99 a month, while a Family plan, which covers up to six people, costs £14.99 or $14.99 a month. Finally, students can get a solo plan for just £4.99 or $4.99. This is superb value, but being able to bundle it into an Apple One subscription to get access to Apple News, Apple TV+ and more makes it even more attractive.