Apple Health Sharing: What is it and how does it work?

The app will let you share over 100 data types already found in the Apple Health app with friends and family. And you'll get alerts if something is wrong. (image credit: Apple)
The data, which is all controlled via the sender, includes letting you see trends so you can quickly see if something is up. (image credit: Apple)
Apple is hoping that it will let people people check up on their ageing parents without you having to constantly phone them to make sure they are okay. (image credit: Apple)
You'll also be able to share with your doctor or health care provider with many institutions already signed up to have the data go straight into their systems. (image credit: Apple)
When you first set up the Health Sharing feature you'll be asked what you want to share it with and with whom. People can't request you share your data. (image credit: Apple)
The app will give you key stats at a glance. Great for making sure those you are sharing with are getting their daily exercise or sleep. (image credit: Apple)