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(Pocket-lint) - How many Apple devices to you own? One, two, three - maybe more? The chances are, whatever the number, it's not enough to get the full benefit from the Apple ecosystem. 

This year's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) has seen Apple announce a collection of new features in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, WatchOS 8 and MacOS 12 Monterey with a strong play towards convincing us that to get the most from what Apple does, we need to own more than just an iPhone, an iPad, or a Mac. 

In previous years the presentation has been straightforward and focused with a simple breakdown of the new apps, what they do, and why you should care.

This year however Apple has had to deal with a new self-made issue. The technologies it has developed aren't just siloed within a single app or a single OS, but instead reach into the bowels of its various operating systems and various devices.

Everything is everywhere, all the time

There's a lot to take in, mainly because the days of just one operating system with a handful of siloed apps unable to talk to each other is well and truly over.

Now Apple apps are far reaching within the various operating systems Apple offers, and to get the most from everything, you'll need multiple devices showcasing multiple disciplines. 

Apple didn't just reveal one new feature limited to one new app or one device, but feature after feature that not only spread across multiple apps within the same operating system, but across multiple devices within the Apple family: Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or Apple TV.

A message here, appears there, a TV show watched with friends on the go now syncs back home, a photo liked on one device appears on another. All while the user seemingly has to do nothing out of the ordinary. 

Apple will even let you go as far as letting you be notified when a family member's heart rate is suddenly elevated, although we're not sure we want to always know that, if you know what we mean. 

The ecosystem is the key

As any Apple customer will know, Apple has always proudly talked about its ecosystem and the close ties between the numerous devices it makes, but at this year's virtual WWDC we saw it in full action and shoved to the front of the stage like some overzealous groupie keen to show their love for the band.  

The new Universal Control feature showcases this beautifully.

It allows you to drag something from your iPad to your Mac or the iMac when they are all on your desk, all controlled via the same keyboard and mouse as if each device was merely an extension of the other.

Or the Safari browser's new ability to sync tabs instantly and seamlessly as you browse so you can jump between your multiple devices with ease.

And why focus so much on these types of features? Because Apple is not only letting you get the most out of the one device you're using at that exact moment, but at the same time keen to encourage you to use and own more devices to maximise what's possible.

That's no bad thing, but some might find by owning just one Apple device, they're missing out.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Editing by Chris Hall.