(Pocket-lint) - Apple is making it easier for App Store users to find what they need, adding a new feature that suggests words to help refine the search.

The small update is now live on iOS devices in the US, UK, Canada and Australia after a testing period that saw some users receive the feature early. The change means that, when searching, the App Store will now offer a line of suggested terms that help narrow down exactly what you're looking for. 

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Tapping one of the suggested words updates the list with more relevant picks, which should help reduce the amount of scrolling required to find the right app.

As you can imagine, it's very straightforward to use. With our quick play-around, we decided to try and see what suggested terms popped up when we tried to find an app to help us card our round of golf.

As demonstrated in the screens below, the App Store initially suggests golf games when using the 'golf' search term, though suggests words like 'tracker', 'scorecard', 'swing' and 'news' to help break things down. When we select 'scorecard' from the list, the App Store then quickly adapts and filters the search.

Naturally, you can still expect ads to be a part of the search process, with the top result in the App Store also aiming to adapt to your filtering requests. And, in our quick testing, this slot did follow the pattern of the refined search, at least.

However, it's entirely possible - as with any change to search algorithms - that the move to refine and speed up searches also creates new conflicts in how Apple presents these advertised slots - especially given that not every term will reap suggested words at the top.

At any rate, this would appear to be a small but helpful change for those searching on the App Store - and you can expect it to land on your device imminently.

Writing by Conor Allison.