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(Pocket-lint) - How many times have you downloaded an app to try it, only to be forced to agree to a three-day trial, which is followed by $7.99-per-week subscription charges unless you remember to cancel? It happens all the time, but thankfully, Apple might soon put a stop to it. 

The company is reportedly rejecting apps with extreme in-app purchase prices. An email Apple recently sent to app developer Ilia Kukharev (via Apple Insider) noted that Apple's reviewers won't approve apps that are "clear rip-offs". Apple cited Section 3 of the App Store Review guidelines, which clarifies reviewers can "reject expensive apps that try to cheat users with irrationally high prices".

This policy has existed for some time, but Apple hasn't always enforced it.

Several posts in the Apple Developer Forums indicate Apple is finally being more stringent, with developers claiming their apps have been rejected for trying to charge as much as $39.99 per month. Apple also told 9to5Mac it's committed to keeping the App Store a safe place to discover and download apps.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 22 February 2021.