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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has announced a new fitness service called Fitness+. The service has been designed to work around your Apple Watch, with integration across your other Apple devices, so you can watch workout videos on your Apple TV, iPhone or iPad as you do that workout yourself.

It's going to be a simple service where you can choose the type and duration of workout that you want to do, but rather than just getting your workouts on your Watch or iPhone, you'll be able to make it a more involving virtual experience with the data from your Watch broadcast onto your Apple display, like your Apple TV.

Creating workouts and guided workouts on wearables aren't new, but Fitness+ feels a lot more like a complete service, from the trainer videos that you'll have access to, through to the integration across all your devices.

AppleApple Fitness Plus photo 2

While the watch is going to be using its sensors to keep track of your activity, you'll be able to access Fitness+ via the app on your iPhone. You'll get suggestions for your next workout and while it's bringing that fitness experience to you wherever you are, you don't need lots of gym equipment.

There will static bike workouts to compete with Peloton, bodyweight workouts, rowing, dance, as well as a range of HIIT offerings. There's 10 different workout types in total with the instructors providing new videos each week.

It's going to be great for keeping on top of your fitness no matter where you are, as you can easily select the workout you want, when you want it and get on with it.

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There's going to be a $9.99/£9.99 a month subscription cost for Fitness+, although it will also be available through the new Apple One services bundle. Those buying a new Apple Watch will also get access to the service for 3 months to get you started. It will be available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

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Writing by Chris Hall.