(Pocket-lint) - Apple has announced that Siri is being overhauled for iOS 14. As well as a redesign, which enables Siri to pop up on the page you are on rather than switch to a dedicated area, new features and abilities will be added.

For starters, Siri will be able to start record and send an audio message without needing to go into iMessage and hold down a button.

It will also gain improved translation functionality too. A new app called Translate will launch with iOS 14, which uses Siri's enhanced translation tools to convert 11 different languages to text. It works completely offline and uses Apple's Neural Engine to provide accurate results.

The new Siri features were unveiled during Apple's WWDC keynote. The developers' conference was taken online this year, for obvious reasons, but that hasn't stopped the company from announcing its traditional software updates.

As well as Siri enhancements, iOS 14 will bring Widgets and an App Library feature to iPhone, which make the homescreen far more useful than the conventional sea of app icons.

Memojis are also being improved, with many more accessory options, colour schemes and even a wider selection of ages to choose from.

Apple will also be unveiling new features for tvOS, macOS, iPadOS and more. Watch out for additional pieces on Pocket-lint to find out more.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.