It's largely been left up to companies in the US to privately determine how they want to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, including to announce whether they have plans to help their customers and even employees.

Some utility providers and banks are reportedly considering a moratorium on bills, but Apple appears to be one of the biggest names to actually take that first step, by allowing customers to skip their Apple Card payments for the month of March. The company, in conjunction with Goldman Sachs, is notably allowing Apple Card customers to skip their payment without incurring interest charges.

Apple Card holders have already begun receiving a "We're to help" email announcing the news. It seems to be part of a new "Customer Assistance Program", according to one Redditor who shared what Apple sent. Here's how you can join Apple's program and save money. 


How to skip your Apple Card payment

According to Apple's email, Apple Card support will help you enroll you in the Customer Assistance Program. Just open the latest version of Wallet app on your iPhone, and then send the following message to Apple Card support: “I’d like to enroll in the Customer Assistance Program.”

Or, you can follow this link to open an Apple Business Chat with Apple Card support (your request to them will be automatically pre-filled).


You will then be asked to connect with Goldman Sachs and to confirm you want to join the program. Respond with "yes" and you will be told your request is processing and that you will receive an enrollment email in a few days. Once actually enrolled, you can finally skip your payment due 31 March. Apple warns you need to turn off any scheduled payment or else that will still be processed.

Want to know more?

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