Apple's developers conference, WWDC, starts on Monday 3 June and the unveiling of iOS 13 will undoubtedly be part of the opening keynote. And, during its presentation, it is highly likely we will get to see how Dark Mode operates on an iPhone.

However, you don't need to wait that long before casting your eyes on the iOS equivalent of the Mac OS feature; here are some screengrabs of how it looks for you to ogle over right now.

Sent to 9to5Mac, the screenshots show that Apple will offer a very literal "Dark Mode", with jet black backgrounds - as evidenced in the leaked grab of Apple Music with the mode activated.

We like it. Many dark modes just make the background grey and can look insipid. The iOS 13 version is a great contrast to the bright and clean design Apple currently adopts.

The accompanying screens show other new features said to be coming with iOS 13.

9to5MacLeaked screens show iOS 13 dark mode is properly dark not just grey image 2

The Reminders app is getting a refresh, with a new sidebar for iPad users and more. And, the screengrab feature itself is undergoing a tweak or two.

The edit tools are refined and the functionality is better looking, we think.

We should find out everything in more depth come next Monday.

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