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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is making it even easier to pay for subscriptions to its services by introducing Apple Pay as an additional payment method. That means you can add multiple cards to the same Apple Pay account, yet only need to link up your Apple ID with Apple Pay rather than having to enter card details again. 

You'll now be able to pay using this method for Apple Music, iTunes music and movie purchases, iCloud storage and Apple Books, too. However, it isn't rolling out everywhere as yet. Predictably the US is first, with other territories including Canada and Australia also now accepting Apple Pay. 

For some reason the UK isn't on the Apple Pay list as yet but it may be because Apple would need to agree terms with the banks and services that permit Apple Pay to be used with their cards. You can check out which payment methods are available where you are on this page.

In the US, you can also use Apple Cash to pay for Apple purchases. And, of course, Apple Card will soon be coming to no doubt join it as another alternative payment method, too. 

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As with all payment info on iOS, everything is conveniently located within the Wallet app. But you'll need to go to Settings > iTunes & App Store to Manage payments and add Apple Pay. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.