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(Pocket-lint) - When the UK government devised a plan to make it easier for EU nationals to register their post-Brexit residency through their smartphones, it clearly didn't realise that NFC on iPhone is restricted.

It's why the EU Exit: ID Document Check application has so-far been only available on Android.

However, there has been a breakthrough: the government and Apple have reached an agreement.

Apple will unlock the use of the iPhone's NFC chip for use with the app before the end of 2019, which means those who hold an EU passport will be able to register for the EU Settlement Scheme through the ID Document Check app.

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"Our EU Settlement Scheme is now up and running and after a successful launch, over 280,000 EU citizens have applied so that they can continue to live their lives as they do now," said the home secretary Sajid Javid.

"I'm also pleased to confirm that Apple will make the identity document check app available on its devices by the end of the year."

We imagine that use of the iOS version of the app will be similar to the existing one for Android. You scan the chip on your document for verification after taking a shot of the identification page. You then also take a photo of yourself and submit the details.

You will then be able to finish the application on your device.

Although Apple has agreed to unlock the use of NFC on its devices in this case, it doesn't mean it will do so for other third-party developers.

Writing by Rik Henderson.