Apple has been working on a TV streaming service for years, and now we know when it will finally launch, thanks to two new reports.

First up, CNBC claimed Apple is planning to launch its rumoured streaming television service in April or May of this year. It also claimed some cable content providers are not participating, which isn't surprising, as Apple reportedly been hampered by numerous stalled negotiations with cable providers during the many years in which it has tried to develop and launch a streaming service for video.

According to CNBC, HBO may not be participating due to disagreements over data sharing and revenue splits. Hulu and Netflix are not expected to participate, as well. Starz, Showtime, and Viacom, however, are all expected to made available through Apple's platform. Most recent reports suggest Apple will offer its own original content, which will be available to Apple users for free, and it will provide access to add-on services.

Apple is apparently requesting a 30 per cent slice on every subscription that comes from its TV service. So, that means customers will need to subscribe to these add-on services (and pay extra for them) if they want to watch their respective content. And all this content will be accessed using Apple's existing TV app. Apple's own original content will also be available to Apple users there. 

CNBC's reporting about the April or May launch aligns with past details from The Information. Now, Bloomberg has followed up CNBC with a report about Apple planning to unveil both its TV service and rumoured news service during a yet-to-be-announced 25 March event. Hollywood stars, including Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, and JJ Abrams, will attend.

Note all those celebrities are starring in or directing shows that Apple green-lit for its TV streaming service, which is said to be similar to Prime Video or Netflix. Bloomberg's reporting further clarified that the streaming service won't officially launch until the summer, and that the shows and movies either purchased or funded by Apple won't be free, contrary to CNBC's latest claims.

Apple has ordered more than two dozen original television shows and movies for its streaming service. You can learn about those here.