Apple seems to be developing a new subscription service, according to a new finding. It's not a TV service, however. It's a... news service.

A preview of an Apple News subscription service was spotted in the developer build of iOS 12.2 by 9to5Mac. This service appears to offer access to popular newspapers and magazines for a monthly fee. The finding backs up a report from The New York Times, which claimed last October that Apple plans to launch a subscription service in the Apple News app - all based on its acquisition of digital magazine subscription service Texture.

A splash page in the iOS build shows the incoming subscription service, which will be called Apple News Magazines, and suggests payments will be processed through the Apple iTunes store. Unfortunately, few other details were dug up, including pricing information and a launch date. However, for comparison, Texture’s subscription service offered access to magazines like The New Yorker and Time for $9.99 (about £7.50) a month.

Let's also remember that Apple has been rumored to be considering a subscription service that includes its news and magazine service as well as original video content and Apple Music. Clues pointing to a bundle subscription, including specific mentions of it, were even found in the beta. And, of course, Apple has been crafting a supposed TV and movie streaming service, similar to Netflix, for several years now.

Lastly, Apple might launch new iPad models at an event this spring. If true, we could see its subscription services debut there, too.