(Pocket-lint) - Dealing with your own devices can be tricky; but for a small business, juggling employees’ Mac, iPhone and iPad devices can take time away from your primary job. Jamf Now is an affordable, cloud-based solution that makes mobile device management easy, so you can focus on your day job.

Getting started is a cinch and doesn’t require you to spend hours on the phone or get a degree in MDM. Instead, Jamf Now is intuitive and efficient, giving you on-demand set-up, management and protection for your Apple devices – and all without up-front costs.

Get set

Jamf Now is all about supporting your users without requiring IT– and in a manner that doesn’t steal hours you could otherwise spend on valuable work. The set-up process is suitably streamlined, so you can remotely set up and configure Apple devices in mere minutes.

If you’re dealing with a group of devices, Blueprints can speed things along, providing templates for deployed apps and settings. Newcomers can enroll devices after being sent a URL, or with device enrollment through Apple Business Manager, users can be up-and-running without needing to manually configure their device.

Everything your employees require for their business needs can be dealt with in a snap: configuration of company email accounts; details for a range of secure Wi-Fi networks (no more remembering passwords for anyone!); and app installation – including the means to reassign existing purchases, thereby maximising your investment.

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You’ll manage

Setting things up is only half the battle – when you have numerous devices in the wild, they must be kept updated. Also, it’s handy to know where they are if they are lost. Fortunately, Jamf Now helps you keep track of them, automatically update apps, and push operating system updates to macOS and iOS devices.

This is great for the big picture stuff – you can take inventory of your devices (and export salient information to accounting software), and roll out a new OS update to every single one of them. But Jamf Now lets you drill into the finer details too.

Need to know the model, serial number and amount of free storage on a specific device? No problem. Only want to send a brand-new OS update to a single test unit? Go for it. You have complete control, wherever you happen to be.

Be secure

Jamf Now gives you peace of mind in other ways as well. Not everyone is great at securing their devices but you can help them by enforcing passcodes, setting an auto-lock period, and activating FileVault data encryption on macOS devices. Should iOS devices be specifically for work purposes, they can be secured – and, in the case of kiosks, restricted to a single app.

When disaster strikes and a device is lost or stolen, you needn’t worry. Invoke Lost Mode on an iOS device to display a custom lock screen message or disable the device until it is recovered. Alternatively, you can remote-wipe a unit to ensure your company’s data remains safe. And if your own device goes missing, given that you have the power to manage all the other devices in your care? Your Jamf Now account is covered by way of two-step verification.

So from set-up to safety, Jamf Now makes device management simple. Start securing your business today: create your free account now, and set up your first three devices, which will remain free forever.