(Pocket-lint) - Apple has announced a couple of new Animojis and some new features for messaging in iMessage. However, the biggest new feature is Memoji, the ability to create your own customisable, animated avatar and use it anywhere you could use Animojis previously.

We say "new feature" but it's eerily similar to Samsung's AR Emoji, as found on the Galaxy S9.

Like the Samsung version, a Memoji is meant to represent the user, with different options for hairstyle, colour, even down to the freckles on a face.

Unlike Samsung though, the Apple version can also be used in videos and FaceTime, which makes the entire experience even more fun.

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As well as Memoji, Apple announced that its generic Animojis will be getting some new motions, including... dum, dum, dum... tongue recognition!

The Animojis will now stick out their tongues as you do.

Of course, none of these are groundbreaking new features for iOS 12 - which is coming in autumn - but do make the experience more friendly. Apple has also announced some more serious new functionality for the forthcoming operating system during its WWDC keynote. You can find out the most important and interesting of them here: Apple announces iOS 12 with performance updates.

Writing by Rik Henderson.