(Pocket-lint) - Apple has offered an embeddable widget for Apple Music for some time now. Artists have been able to use one on their websites to promote their latest single or album, but the web player has only been able to offer 30 - 90 second song previews.

That appears to be changing though, as Reddit user fani123q has discovered that Apple has in fact updated the interface and now allows Apple Music subscribers to sign into the service and then add playlists and songs to their own personal libraries. You will now notice a small 'Sign In' icon in the top right of the widget, which lets you log into your Apple Music account.

The widget can still be used if you don't have one, but you'll still be  limited to just previews of songs. You can try it out for yourself with the embedded widget below.

It still isn't a fully-fledged web player like the one Spotify offers, you can't for example head to www.applemusic.com, sign in and listen to the 40+ million songs the service offers. You also can't access For You or Search tabs from within the widget either.

However it does indicate that Apple is looking at new ways to promote its service and help it catch up to Spotify's subscriber numbers. You may also be wondering, why would Apple offer a web player when you can already access the service through iTunes? Some computers, such as work PCs or Macs, are locked down so you can't install certain apps, but being able to access a web player is completely fine. 

It also gives Apple more chance for exposure, so music review websites for example can embed an Apple Music player with a full album now, instead of the default option of Spotify. This kind of marketing can only help Apple in its attempts to increase its subscriber numbers. 

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We expect Apple will mention the update to the widget during its WWDC keynote speech later today, so check back on Pocket-lint.com from 6:00pm  for all the latest Apple developments. 

Writing by Max Langridge.