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(Pocket-lint) - Ever since Apple announced ARKit we've seen plenty of excellent examples of what it can do. Augmented reality applications are set to come at us thick and fast in the coming months.

There's one that will particularly appeal to anyone who was around in the 80s. Trixi Studios has used ARKit to recreate the classic pop video of A-ha's Take On Me, so you can star in your own version.

The video to Take On Me was always considered a real technological achievement for the time. Each of the animated frames was hand-drawn and overlaid onto real world footage. The whole project took 16 weeks to complete. Now an iPhone can do it instantly.

Trixi Studios hasn't announced a release date for its app yet, but has posted a YouTube video of the experience.

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The developer also details a couple of other AR projects on its website. Lonely Ghousts and Phantogeist are both games, with the former looking like a more-advanced Pokemon Go. It uses GPS to place "ghousts" in the real world but offers a richer graphical experience.

Phantogheist is a first-person shooter for up to two players, with each user seeing the same enemies through their own, individual smartphone.

We'll keep you up to date on all Trixi's apps as more details become available.

Writing by Rik Henderson.