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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has announced that it is redesigning the App Store as part of iOS 11, to be released later this year.

It has a cleaner, simpler look on phone with separate Music app-style tabs separating content.


There is an all-new Today tab, which shows new games and apps recommended for that day only. You can also see other days' content just by scrolling down.

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The idea is to get ideas of what to download on a daily rather than weekly basis - the current format.

There are also new tabs for Games, which showcases a selection of the latest games. It also presents gameplay videos and tips, plus lists popular games and in-app purchases front and centre.

Apps also gets its own tab. It has similar features to Games.

Every app and every game gets a new product page on the store with all new features, with a more friendly design.

We're yet to find out what the new App Store will look like on iPad, for example, or on the desktop app for Mac. However, considering Apple has stuck with the same basic format for around nine years, we're thrilled it's finally bringing us something new.

And we're also thrilled that Monument Valley 2 is now available, as also revealed on stage at WWDC 17.

Writing by Rik Henderson.