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(Pocket-lint) - Since its rocky launch several years ago Apple Maps has come on leaps and bounds. It has added new features and updates regularly and the latest version of the application is almost unrecognisable from the version launched in 2012.

One new addition is the ability to book restaurants directly through Michelin's Bookatable service in an Apple Maps extension.

More than 5,000 restaurants around the UK are signed to Bookatable, so if you click on the icon of one of them on Apple Maps you will be offered the chance of reserving a table.

It includes any of 54 different Michelin-starred restaurants.

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In addition, Apple Maps now includes icons and place-holders for electric vehicle charging points around the country and Santander Cycles stands in London.

Search for either and all of the nearest will pop up with their own icons on the Maps screen.

Maps is now the most frequently used iOS app by Apple by far and is currently integrated into many other iPhone and iPad applications. It has been greatly updated since iOS 10 hit at the end of last year, with transport links for 40 metropolitan areas around the globe now covered, including all of China, Japan and Great Britain.

Even entrances to Tube and railway stations are listed so you know exactly which one to enter when you want to travel to a specific destination.

Writing by Rik Henderson.