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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's music-streaming service is getting a major update that brings an all-new look while significantly diminishing a previously-major feature.

Apple Music has a new design that not only rearranges the tabs along the bottom of the app (in the menu bar) but also brings a new interface for each one to make them easier to use. The tabs are now for the following screen: Library, For You, Browse, Radio, and Search. Notice there is no more "Connect" tab by default. Instead, it’s been tucked away into For You. Here’s what you need to know…

Apple Music update: All-new look


apple music update brings new look lyrics and hidden connect section image 3

The first tab in the new Apple Music is Library, and it has an entirely new section for downloaded music (this is all the music on your iPhone). It also has a Recently-added section, so you can see all the songs and playlists recently added to your library.

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The second tab in the menu bar is For You - and at the top of this area there is a new Discovery mix section. You can go here to see all the songs that have been picked just for you. You will also see daily-curated playlists on this tab. Connect is now bundled in this tab, too, suggesting the music social network-like idea never really took off. And that just reminds us of Apple's failed Ping attempt.

The next tab in the menu bar is called Browse. It has the most recent and most important music of today, including top charts. Apple has once again curated this whole spot. During a demo on stage, we saw music from Drake, Dre, and a Jonas brother here.

The Fourth tab is Radio. It lets you listen to 24/7 radio via Beats 1. From this section, you will also find genre-based stations. And the fifth and final tab is all about search, so you can find whatever song, artist, playlist, album, or video you may want to hear.


apple music update brings new look lyrics and hidden connect section image 2

Apple has announced you can now see lyrics beneath album art. To access lyrics, just swipe down when listening to a song.

Apple Music update: Number of users

Apple's music-streaming service launched at WWDC last year. So, during today's keynote, Apple revealed Apple Music has amassed 15 million paying subscribers in a year.

Apple Music update: Release date

Apple didn't specify when the new Apple Music will roll out, but we can assume it'll release alongside iOS 10 this autumn.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 13 June 2016.