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(Pocket-lint) - Terms and Conditions agreements are the worst.

No one likes to read them - especially Apple's agreement for iTunes - unless, of course, you're like a lawyer or something. But the rest of us mere mortals can't be bothered. We sigh, roll our eyes, scroll past that big block of text as quickly as we can, and agree to whatever it says. We've probably unwittingly sold our firstborn to the devil (or Apple) by now. Whatevs.

We can assume cartoonist R. Sikoryak has felt our pain, because he decided to take the iTunes Agreements and make it much less boring. He actually turned it into a comic book. Or a "graphic novel". Call it what you will, all we can say is it is totally cooler than the original version. Plus, it features Steve Jobs explaining stuff to people. Check it out on Tumblr now.

Sikoryak is uploading a new page from the comic to his Tumblr every day. As of today, he has adapted 47 pages and still has plenty more to go. If you'd like to support the cartoonist, you can purchase his work. It's split into two volumes and priced at $8 each.

Maybe now you'll actually read those terms. Maybe...

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 4 November 2015.