We've all heard Jony Ive's sensual Ive-isms.

They're brilliant words said with a suave, delicious tone and completely British accent. He just tends to say stuff that you - and we - would never think of throwing into a normal sentence or conversation. But that's what makes him Ive, Apple's Chief Design Officer and narrator for several Apple product videos.

He's an articulate man with a lulling voice that could go head-to-head with Morgan Freeman's. If you also love to sit back and listen to him spew marketing lingo and geeky engineering talk, you'll be utterly thrilled to learn that the internet has surfaced a legit Jony Ive soundboard.

It's amazing, and admittedly, slightly creepy.

Developers Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs created the site so that you can arrange together some of Ive’s favourite adjectives, nouns, verbs, and prepositions, then link them together, and play the audio string back. The soundboard has more than 40 words - and they're all real soundbites.

Obviously this site has no real purpose other than to satisfy our guilty pleasure of wanting to hear Ive speak as well as manipulate the words coming out of his mouth - which, on the soundboard, actually flaps around like a puppet.

It's perfect, and we thank you internet for giving us such a thing.

Jony Jive

Now go put "aluminium" on repeat.