(Pocket-lint) - Jay-Z's music streaming company Tidal is responding to the launch of Apple Music and its rapid rise in popularity by also offering a family account for members, which gives discounts for additional subscribers in a family unit.

However, unlike Apple Music, the plan doesn't come for one simple cost per month. Instead, each family member can be added to a Premium or HiFi subscriber's account for 50 per cent of the usual fee.

That means that it would cost around £25 a month for a family of four to each have their own profiles on a Tidal Premium account. Apple charges £14.99 a month for up to six members of a family to share the same account and have unlimited access.

The Tidal HiFi membership costs £19.99 a month and provides access to the high-resolution music files on the service. A family of four would have to pay almost £50 if each wanted access to the best audio quality provided.

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Up to four additional accounts can be added on a Tidal Family Plan - giving five log-ins in total. The system is very similar to that offered by Spotify at present although there have been rumours that the rival music streaming service could move its plans closer to Apple's in pricing terms.

Writing by Rik Henderson.