Apple has released the third beta of iOS 8.4, and in doing so, it detailed a revamped Music app and laid the groundwork to launch a new music streaming service.

Developers can download the beta - build 12H4098c - over the air. Alternatively, they can do a complete download through the Dev Center. It's also available to people as the second public beta via the AppleSeed testing program.

This third beta replaces the previous one that released two weeks ago, and the most noteworthy change between the two is a redesigned Music app with improvements like global search functions, gesture controls, a MiniPlayer (allows playback control from anywhere in the interface), and a fresh version of iTunes Radio.

Smaller changes in the third beta include user interface tweaks to the new iTunes Radio section on the iPad/iPhone, more visible toggles for displaying offline Music, and a new iPhone logo to show music stored offline. Music Search History also now includes past local searches and iTunes Radio searches, among other things.

The Music app in iOS 8.4 is supposed to eventually house Apple’s upcoming Beats-like music streaming service, according to 9to5Mac, which claimed the upcoming service should be unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. And it will allegedly launch alongside the new iTunes Radio in late June.

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Apple is also expected to show off the next-generation version of iOS - presumably called iOS 9 - at WWDC. The public will likely have to wait until autumn before they can get their hands on the software, though. As for the final version of iOS 8.4, you can obviously expect it to release sooner.

Keep in mind the Music app in Apple's latest beta does not specifically mention the Beats-like streaming service, which you can learn all about here, but instead appears to be all about prepping, minor tweaks, and bug fixes.