Apple has just finished holding its Spring Forward event in San Francisco, where it confirmed pricing for the new Apple Watch and made other announcements, such as the exclusive launch of HBO Now for Apple TV and the unveiling of a gold MacBook with a Retina display.

One of the more quieter announcements however was the showcasing of Apple Watch apps. While on stage, Apple executives demonstrated how apps like Uber and Shazam would work on Apple Watch, and shortly after the event, it published a webpage that not only highlights all of the new apps expected to be available when the Apple Watch goes on sale next month, but also explains everything do with Apple Watch.

We've therefore rounded up many of the first Apple Watch apps, including the select ones shown off at Apple's event and the third-party ones put on display via From Mint Personal Finance to Evernote, there are already tonnes to explore and consider downloading. Developers wasted no time in getting their iOS apps ready, which is surely what Apple wanted, considering it first unveiled Apple Watch months ago.

Click through the gallery above to see more than 50 launch-ready Apple Watch apps. We'll continue to update this story as more developers announce that they are jumping on board, though we suspect most existing developers to one day launch Watch apps. After all, Apple has revealed the Watch App Store will be accessible through iPhone, with dedicated Watch apps being side-loaded onto the wrist-worn device.

And finally, check out Pocket-lint's Apple hub for all the latest Apple Watch news.

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