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(Pocket-lint) - Apple definitely didn't give iOS 8's new Time-Lapse feature enough attention at its World Wide Developer Conference last week. A recent video demoing the update makes it look utterly brilliant.

The time-lapse video was shot on an iPhone 5S by YouTube user iTwe4kz who is, presumably, someone with access the iOS 8 beta which is out now.

The new mobile operating system iOS 8 will be available to everyone later this year around autumn time, Apple has said.

The Time-Lapse function will be able to work over very long periods of time, shooting staggered photos, to create the final video. Once a set is captured the photos are stitched together and played at a higher frame rate than they were taken at, giving the illusion of smooth delayed video. Variations in the time intervals of photos taken can also be controlled, according to Apple Insider.

iOS 8 has granted full access of camera controls to third-parties including ISO, aperture, shutter speed and more. This means apps will be able to control the camera with far more complexity than any before have been able to.

It isn't clear weather the Time-Lapse mode will be included on all iOS 8 devices or just the latest iPhone 5S and, when it comes out, the iPhone 6.

ios 8 time lapse mode shown off in stunning video image 3

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 9 June 2014.