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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is offering refunds to parents who have been hit by in-app purchases made by their kids. It has opened a refund request process that will run until 15 April 2015, and if your purchases were made by a "minor" you might be able to get the money back.

The company has sent emails to customers in the US who have purchased in-app items in the past, with instructions on how to claim a refund.


"We’ve heard from some customers that it was too easy for their kids to make in-app purchases. As a result, we’ve improved controls for parents so they can better manage their children's purchases, or restrict them entirely. Additionally, we are offering refunds in certain cases," it says.

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You need to check your in-app purchases on your Purchase History page as part of your online iTunes account.

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If some of your listed in-app items were bought by a child, you need to submit a refund request through Apple's Support Email service, adding "Refund for in-app purchases made by a minor" in the Details section. This must be accompanied by the requested information.

Apple will then review the request and take action if it deems a refund is required.

It also suggests parents learn how to switch on parental controls in iOS to prevent further charges.

At present, it seems this refund process is only available in the US. We've contacted the UK Apple team to see if there are plans to implement it in the UK too.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.