Apple released the iOS 7.1 update last night, over the air. iPhone 4 users may have gritted their teeth at the thought of more glitchy transitions after iOS 7 slowed their handset down, but it's the opposite. iOS 7.1 is faster than iOS 7, bringing the iPhone 4 back up to speeds nearly as quick as it used to be when running the older iOS 6.1.3 OS.

After complaints of iPhone 4 hardware not being able to handle iOS 7 Apple has made sure the iOS 7.1 update will accomodate users of the four year old handset. Now the iPhone 4 should actually run faster thanks to the new software.

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ios 7 1 will speed up your iphone 4 image 2

As you can see from the chart compiled by Ars Technica wait times have been reduced in the latest update. App launch and system startup times have been cut down for users of the older hardware.

Of course it's still not as fast as it was owing to the animation heavy iOS 7 framework, but it's enough to feel faster and hold off splashing out on an upgrade.

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