Apple has released an Apple TV 6.1 update for the Apple TV set-top box on Monday, hot off the heals of iOS 7.1 for the iPhone and iPad. 

The Apple TV update is welcomed, bringing a greater level of control to the media streamer. Users can now reduce the number of channels found on their home screen, without having to go into settings - as has been available for the iPhone and iPad since launch. 

Using the remote that ships with the Apple TV, users can hold the select button to make the icons move up and down. Icons can then be dragged around in the order users choose. Holding the play/pause button will then enable users to pick which icons to hide. 

As more and more apps have been released for the Apple TV, this level of control is necessary. Not everyone wants to watch WWE Network, TV4, or Red Bull TV - while others want to do away with Netflix or Bloomberg. The ability may be a step in the right direction for Apple's living room efforts, specifically for the long-requested App Store feature users have been begging for. 

Furthermore, the Remote app for iOS that allows users to control the Apple TV from their iPhone or iPad has also been updated. Users can now control iTunes Radio from their Apple TV and browse purchased movies and TV shows in the app and beam them to the Apple TV.

The two Apple TV updates follow iOS 7.1's release on Monday, which brings CarPlay support, new UI elements, and stability fixes to the iPhone and iPad.