(Pocket-lint) - Beats Music has taken a big step forward in opening up its API to developers. This means anyone can modify its code so it'll work on their platform, meaning TVs, cars, speakers - anything.

Other streaming services like Spotify and Rdio already have open APIs. As a result you can get them on many devices such as TVs and home entertainment systems like Sonos.

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The open API means developers not only have access to Beats Music's 2 million tracks but also its applications. For example users of MOG, which Beats bought in 2012, can now move their music across to Beats seamlessly.

Issues with the code led to some early hiccups that have piqued the interest of critics. Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers says: "It had nothing to do with our code, it had to do with our database vendor, which had memory leak," he said. "The bottom line is we have a talented tech team, we use really cutting edge tech."

Beats Music is available now, in the US only, and offers all its tracks for $120 for the year.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.