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(Pocket-lint) - Beats Music has taken a big step forward in opening up its API to developers. This means anyone can modify its code so it'll work on their platform, meaning TVs, cars, speakers - anything.

Other streaming services like Spotify and Rdio already have open APIs. As a result you can get them on many devices such as TVs and home entertainment systems like Sonos.

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The open API means developers not only have access to Beats Music's 2 million tracks but also its applications. For example users of MOG, which Beats bought in 2012, can now move their music across to Beats seamlessly.

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Issues with the code led to some early hiccups that have piqued the interest of critics. Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers says: "It had nothing to do with our code, it had to do with our database vendor, which had memory leak," he said. "The bottom line is we have a talented tech team, we use really cutting edge tech."

Beats Music is available now, in the US only, and offers all its tracks for $120 for the year.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.