Music streaming services are cropping up quite often now but it's a tough market out there. Beats Music is the latest from the headphone-maker looking to offer a helpful tool for selection: emotion.

Beats Music, an app-first platform, is based around learning your listening habits and offering music to suit. Set-up involves tapping (like), double tapping (love) and long pressing (love more) genres and artists. Then a Just For You list will be populated with songs you should enjoy - a bit like Netflix does with TV and film. Beats Music also grows smarter over time as it learns.

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Then there's The Sentence. This lets you type in your scenario to find the perfect track, for example: "I'm running at the gym and want to release my inner child while getting pumped to hair metal." The specific words are used to find what you need for that situation. Beats claims there are one million possible sentences and this will grow with time.

beats music is now streaming in the us watch out spotify this one understands sentences image 2

The Highlights tab offers a curated selection of playlists and albums chosen by the likes of former Pitchfork and XXL writers. But despite 20 million songs there are still greats like Led Zeppelin missing (which Spotify now offers).

Beats Music is available now on iOS in the US from $10 a month.

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