Apple has just published a support page to detail a new update for iWork for iCloud beta, the company's in-development productivity suite that gives you access to Pages, Numbers and Keynote via the Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer browser.

Apple said the update introduced new features that make "creating beautiful documents with others easier than ever before". and brought "top customer requests, including folders and printing".

All three web apps (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) now offer a collaborator list for viewing collaboration in a document. They also sport a collaborator cursor for seeing everyone's cursors and selections in a document. These much-needed improvements help bring the suite up to date and closer to rivalling Google Docs.

The update further added the ability to jump to a collaborator's cursor by clicking their name, real-time viewing of images and shape animations as collaborators move them, and options for printing documents directly from the Tools menu and organising documents into folders.

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As for individual web app updates, Numbers now enables you to change the order of sheets in a spreadsheet, as well as to create links using the hyperlink function. Keynote will let you skip slides, meaning you can right-click any slide in the navigator to skip it during playback.

Today's news follows a response from Apple in regard to its new iWork app suite that released on 22 October. The company made it clear earlier this month that it would reintroduce some of the features from iWork 09 in future releases of iWork. It also promised to add "brand new features on an ongoing basis."

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Apple typically releases small, incremental updates for its iWork apps, rather than introducing a raft of new or major features. The company appears willing to change this pattern though, as it plans to release improvements to the iWork suite within the next six months, and it issued today's impressive update for iWork for iCloud Beta.