Apple has unveiled completely refreshed iPads and Macs, and so the company has naturally published those products' corresponding promo and advert videos - which originally aired at its 22 October event - on YouTube.

There were four new videos posted on Apple's YouTube channel today. The first one, called Introducing the iPad Air, shows Apple design head Jony Ive explaining how Apple engineered and developed its latest full-size tablet. If you didn't know already, iPad Air is the iPad 5. Check out the video below for more details on the 7.5-mm-thin slate.

There's also a video for the all-new Mac Pro, Apple's cylindrical powerhouse desktop. Pocket-lint recently did a breakdown of the computer's specs, pitting it against the 2012 Mac Pro. The conclusion was that - despite the price hike - the new Mac Pro is a great value for your money, should you decide to buy it when it releases in December.

The third video is an overview of Apple's iPad and its affect on people's lives. Apple said it travelled the world in September and October of 2013 to capture the way iPads have transformed business, education, entertainment, health and many other fields. The video below is a compilation of some of the examples found.

The fourth video is Apple's television advert for the iPad Air, which compares the tablet to a pencil. Both tools help people illustrate, solve, create, share, etc. Pretty good metaphor, eh?

If you want to see another television advert from Apple, the company's YouTube channel also recently posted the Metal Mastered video for iPhone 5S. Check it out below.