The iPhone camera is one of the most used phone cameras in the world. But with a new iOS, comes new features. Try some of these tricks to help you take even better photos.

The camera app is quickly accessed by swiping up from the right-bottom corner of the lock screen (where the little camera icon is) or via the Control Centre panel which is accessed by swiping up whenever the phone is unlocked.

The Camera app is now broken up into swipe-able video, photo, square and pano sections. To access the different modes swipe left or right between them. iPhone 5S users you'll also get a Slow-Mo feature.

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Also new are photo filters. Available filters include Mono, Tonal, Noir, Fade, Chrome, Process, Transfer and Instant. They're accessible via the funky three-dot logo in the bottom of the screen. You choose a filter and snap the pictures you want. Don't worry - you can also apply a filter to Photos  retrospectively.

You can now focus photos on iOS 7 without tapping the screen with your finger, coming in handy if you have a glove on or have something against screens. You can focus the photo by holding down the volume button for a few seconds - similar to shutter buttons on DSLRs and point-and-shoots.

You can now shoot square photos to look like you are in with the Instagram crowd. Swipe right from the default Photo option and your now shooting like you are using a medium format camera - well the photo shape at least.

Go into the camera app, swipe to far right to the Pano option. Tap on the arrow to change direction of the panorama you want to capture - left to right or right to left. You'll have to hold the phone in portrait for it to work. Hold the phone in landscape mode to do a "vertical" panorama up to the stars. Check out our iPhone Panorama tips and tricks feature with the iPhone 5 to find out more on how to take the best panoramas in town.

Users can snap photos in Burst mode by either holding their finger on the shutter or on the volume key to take a burst of photos as the action happens.

Once you've taken a Burst of photos you can then choose your favourite one, although iOS 7 will try to do this for you. To select the one you want, press Favourites, and then select the one you want to use. The one Apple has chosen is represented by a grey circle underneath.

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To delete a photo Burst go to Photos select the photo Burst (it will look like it has two further images stacked behind it) and press on the delete key. It will ask you whether you want to delete all photos from this Burst, click on the red words "Delete Photos".

The flash in the iPhone can be a bit heavy handed sometimes so we would recommend turning it off unless you've got the iPhone 5S (it's much better). To do this, tap the flash symbol at the top left of the screen in the camera app and set it to be Auto/on/off

Standing for High Dynamic Range, the camera app will take two pictures, one standard, one in HDR. HDR takes three pictures at the same time and then merges them together without bothering you about it. It is great if you are taking a picture of a something that has lots of light and lots of shadows.

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If you don't want to store the original non-HDR shot at the same time, go to Settings Photo & Camera and turn off the feature "Keep Normal Photo" at the bottom of the list.

Press the camera logo at the top right of the screen to turn on the front-facing camera. Now smile.

To change the exposure or the focus of your shot, tap anywhere on the screen and it will change instantly. To lock that exposure or focus (great for dramatic panoramas) press and hold on the screen until the square box "locks in".

Apple has moved where the Grid option is in iOS 7. It's no longer in the camera app itself. Go to Settings > Photos & Camera and then Camera Grid. Turn on to give you a standard camera grid to help you compose your pictures better.

You can now pinch to zoom in Video on iOS 7. To do this, do as you would in the camera app. You can also do it now while recording. A long press to focus also locks the AE/AF like in photos.

iPhone 5S users now get a Slow-Mo feature that lets you shoot at 120fps and then slow down a section of that video to 30fps to make everything slow-motion. Swipe to the left past video to find this feature.

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To play back your Slow-Mo video, press the small thumbnail image of your recording (as you always have done). You will see a film strip of your video, a bar with lines underneath it and then your video with a play button on it. Moving the two black bars on the row of blue bars underneath the film strip will determine when and for how long the Slow-Mo effect lasts. You can change this as many times as you like. It is never not available to edit.

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To share the clip, press the square with an arrow coming out of the top in the bottom left hand corner. Sharing it will save the whole video to 30fps.

Sadly you can't currently export Slow-Mo videos to edit in iMovie.

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