Apple will release iOS 7 tomorrow, with support for 64-bit applications for the iPhone 5S. But older devices are rapidly getting left behind, with some able to run only iOS 5 or even older. The original iPad, for example, is locked to 5.1.1 and can't progress and some older-generation iPod touch players can't run on any more than iOS 4.

Now the company has seemingly come up with a solution. It has been reported by a Reddit user that a pop-up appeared on a second-generation iPod touch that offered an older version of an app to download rather than the latest update, one that is compatible with the device.

This could be great news for those worried that with each iteration of the operating system they are being left behind. Admittedly, they won't be able to run the very latest software, but at least they won't be landed with software that won't work on their devices.

The app in question in this example was Instagram. It was suggested by the Reddit user that previously it just wouldn't install at all. "People with old devices should try installing apps that were before incompatible," the user suggested.