Apple on Thursday released an update for its Find My iPhone app. The update not only added an iOS-inspired icon that should fit a little better with the new iOS 7 user-interface but, more importantly, it also left many users unable to log in.

Perhaps Apple published the app prematurely, as it displays an error message reading: "You must be a registered iOS developer and have iCloud configured on iOS 7 Beta to use this version of Find My iPhone." Only developers signed up on Apple's Developer Center with either a free or paid account are able to log in, when that shouldn't actually be the case.

Apple is likely to patch the update very soon, but we think today's flaw in the app highlights a problem that may be found in iOS 7 quite a bit.

Since iOS 7 auto-updates apps, if a broken app is released you're automatically destined to receive it. At least on iOS 6 and older versions of iOS you can judge if an app update will be good enough to use or not. Of course, the request for auto app updates has been requested by many, so it has its pros and cons.

The subject was even mentioned on the US Senate in May. Senator John McCain asked, amid questions about Apple's taxes and offshore profits: "Why the hell do I have to keep updating apps on my iPhone all the time?" He later praised Apple when hearing news about iOS 7.

Apple has yet to comment on the bug inside of the version 2.0.3 update of the app. Past a new icon, the Find My iPhone update also brings bug fixes and stability improvements. If you're not a registered developer, we suggest you stay away from the update until things smoothe over. Just keep your iPhone in plain sight. 

Update: several users reporting the issue has been fixed. You should be good to lose your iPhone now.