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(Pocket-lint) - If you watch music videos online, chances are Vevo is behind streaming them to you. Soon you'll be able to access the music videos through a different medium.

According to a new report from AdAge, Apple TV owners will soon be able to stream Vevo via their set-top box. Like it does on other platforms, Vevo will offer up a 24/7 music video app for the music hungry. 

Vevo is a joint venture music video website operated by Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Google and Abu Dhabi Media, with EMI licensing the content. This gives the company a large reach over the popular music you probably listen to on a daily basis.


With an Apple TV app, the TV unit of Vevo can sell more advertisements aimed at televisions. According to AdAge, advertisers include Adidas, McDonald's, Red Bull and State Farm. Vevo already offers an app for Android, iOS, Windows mobile, BlackBerry's PlayBook tablet, Xbox Live and Roku.

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Having a Vevo app on the Apple TV also brings a big benefit for Apple, which in recent months has been working to build on the number of apps offered on the Apple TV. The company recently added HBO Go, ESPN, and Sky News to its platform, with a new report recently noting a Time Warner Cable app is also slated for US owners.

The Apple TV isn't Apple's best-selling device, but it has a solid following. Apple revealed in May that 13 million Apple TV sets have been sold to date. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, further reiterated that the television is an "area of great interest" for the company.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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