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(Pocket-lint) - Beats Audio plans to release its forthcoming streaming music product, called Daisy, this autumn - and it's currently attempting to partner with AT&T in a bid to gain an established audience at launch and pilfer marketshare from similar services like Spotify and Google Music.

Beats co-founder and CEO Jimmy Iovine has reportedly met with AT&T and music label executives in recent months to ink a deal that would allow AT&T customers to test a free trial of Daisy as part of their data plans, according to a report on Monday by CNET.

Although spokespeople for both AT&T and Beats declined to comment, CNET reported - while citing unnamed sources - that the potential partners were still deliberating conditions. Moreover, the talks could eventually disintegrate or involve different carriers.

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Beats and AT&T are now said to be discussing how much free music the free trial would offer - as well as which partner would shoulder the cost.There isn't much information on Daisy at this point, especially in regard to how it will stand out among a sea of other music recommendation services.

But if the Beats-AT&T deal does emerge, Daisy will uniquely have the support of the second-largest wireless carrier in the US. With that said, if the purported deal doesn't go through, Iovine will supposedly continue pitching to other carriers. 

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 8 July 2013.