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(Pocket-lint) - In less than 24 hours we'll know Apple's plan for the future, but until then, that's not stopping the last bit rumour from hitting the wire.

The latest is from The Wall Street Journal, which reported on Sunday the new version of Apple's iOS - iOS 7 - will feature new ways to share photos and videos "with other iPhone users and other enhancements."

The report from the reputable US-based paper echoes what we've already heard from prominent Apple journalist Mark Gurman of 9to5mac, who reported last month that Apple will further service integration within iOS to include Flickr and Vimeo. Presumably, users will be able to access these services from the Camera Roll and Photos app within iOS to push media out to their friends. While The Wall Street Journal didn't mention it, there's also the possibility Apple might introduce AirDrop for iOS, which would gel well with the "with other iPhone users" part of the report.


In previous versions of iOS, Apple has included Facebook and Twitter integration for sharing statuses, photos, and more, from across the mobile operating system. Now, it makes sense for Marissa Mayer's (Yahoo) Flickr and high-quality video network Vimeo to join the fray. Why wouldn't we see Google's YouTube integrated throughout iOS? That absence could likely be boiled down to the relationship between Google and Apple, who have been competitive among their mobile operating systems and Map services for the past few years.

Many have suggested the opening keynote at WWDC on Monday will prove to be pivotal for Apple. According to reports from AllThingsD, Bloomberg, 9to5mac, and other publications, Apple will introduce a redesigned iOS that will reflect a flat design the company has been developing under famed-designer Jonathan Ive.

However, according to prominent Apple pundit John Gruber, who runs popular blog Daring Fireball, everything that has been leaked so far could be wrong. "I also heard from somebody that just 'all the leaks are wrong'," Gruber said on a recent podcast. "Which is interesting. I have no idea what to make of it."

Past the introduction of the new iOS, Apple is also said to be introducing Pandora-competitor iRadio, a new version of OS X, and MacBooks with Intel's new Haswell processor. In Sunday's report, The Wall Street Journal says: "The company is also expected to announce a long-expected streaming music service, new laptops and an update to its Mac operating system."

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Writing by Jake Smith.