Apple's just launched 2013 WWDC app looks very different from the company's previous iOS apps. Stripped back, flat and simple, it appears to bear the look and feel of the long rumoured iOS design change being overseen by Jonathan Ive.

Traditionally Apple's own apps boast design tweaks that mimic real-life materials. Take the current Notes app, for example, with its yellow, textured notepad-style graphics and design.  Ive is known to dislike this  skeuomorphism - making one material resemble another - and has been the man in charge of the operating system's design since Scott Forstall's departure in 2012.

The new WWDC app, which is available to download from the App Store right now, uses a very simplified design unlike anything we have seen from Apple previously. The whole thing is predominantly grey, with simple pastel colours flagging up various pieces of information. The usual tabs sitting at the bottom of an app appear to have been retained, as does Apple's own font.

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While this isn't confirmation of exactly how iOS 7 will turn out, the app will be being used by most people at WWDC, so expect its look and feel to match whatever Apple is planning to announce.

Also worth pointing out is the look of the app icon itself. The simple purple background with white Apple logo is very different from what Apple created last year, which featured text in the app icon. It is also important to note that the grey look demoed in the WWDC app last year did eventually make its way into iOS 6.

So then, is this a window into the world of iOS 7? It certainly seems to be. Whatever happens, we will know exactly what Apple plans for iOS on 10 June.