Well, that was fast. Shortly after beginning its countdown to 50 billion app downloads from its App Store, the Cupertino-based Apple hit the mark on Wednesday. The countdown on Apple's official web page is now showing all ten zeros, certainly an accomplishment for the world's most popular app marketplace.

The 50 billionth app downloader has won a $10,000 App Store Gift Card, and the next 50 people who downloaded an app will get a $500 App Store gift card.

The 50 billionth app was Say the Same Thing by Space Inch, LLC, which was downloaded by Brandon Ashmore from Mentor, Ohio. 

apple s app store hits 50 billion app downloads free app nabs someone 10k image 2

This isn't the first time Apple has held such contest. When the App Store crossed the 25 billionth app download in 2012, awarded Chunli Fu of China a $10,000 gift card for downloading the free version of Where's My Water?. Though it didn't hold a contest at the time, in January 2013, Apple crossed the 40 billion mark, adding 20 billion apps in 2012 alone. 

The App Store has continually been a big deal for Apple, retaining its title of the largest app marketplace available. A March study from App Hero found that Apple reached the milestone of 800,000 apps available. The study further found that 56.2 per cent of the apps on the App Store are free - a considerable amount for an online market place that has niched out its own "App Economy".

We'll be on the lookout for an announcement detailing the winners. Anyone think they might have won?