Apple has surprisingly released an updated for Find My Friends, an app the company has seemingly neglected since its debut in autumn 2011. Now, the friend finding (stalking) app has been updated to include a new UI for setting up location-based alerts. 

Similar to the functionality in its Reminders app, the new interface allows you to set up alerts for when you or a friend arrive or leave from a specific location on the map. You can set an exact distance away from a location to receive notifications, especially useful for different buildings in the same area. 

Parents may be drawn to the feature to keep track of their kids, as well. Say there's an area they don't want their children to enter, they can be notified right on their handset. 

Additionally, the minor update provides new options for sending notifications to friends or when you receive alerts. You can choose when to send your location for when you leave, arrive, or at a specific moment. There is also the ability to repeat.

Find My Friends is available for both the iPhone and iPad on the App Store.