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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's infamous App Store has reached the milestone of 800,000 apps, a new study from App Hero has found. App Hero cites official Apple data as the source of its information, where it has compiled some pretty cool figures about the online app market place.

The study found that 56.2 per cent of the apps on the App Store are free, a considerable amount for an online market place that has niched out its own "App Economy". Additionally, more than 850 new apps are released daily, from the more than 200,000 developers who have submitted to the App Store. Roughly each developer has submitted three apps.

"AppHero is constantly monitoring the App Store to help recommend the best apps to our users," App Hero founder Jordan Satok told Pocket-lint. "We look at tons of different factors when doing our recommendations and wanted to share some interesting stats at this milestone."


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Breaking it down, of the 800,000 apps, 689,000 of are for iPhone and 332,800 are for the iPad. The study found that 28.8 per cent are optimised for both devices. Furthermore, the App Store is made up of 20.8 per cent games, 2,400 of which are racing games and 2,300 of which are Sodoku games. 

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Apple's App Store has created a massive ecosystem over the years. A February 2012 survey from TechNet found there had been 466,000 jobs created to develop for the ecosystem in the US alone since the App Store's introduction in 2007. To compare, Google Play is sitting at around the same number of apps, data suggests.

In January, Apple announced that customers downloaded 40 billion apps from the App Store, 20 billion of which were from 2012 alone. Additionally, it announced 775,000 apps available, meaning the App Store has grown by 25,000 apps in 79 days.

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We've reached out to Apple in hope of official confirmation. When speaking to Pocket-lint, Satok seemed certain of the numbers he found, saying they were from Apple's "Enterprise Partner Feed".

Writing by Jake Smith.
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