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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has rolled out the option for two-step verification for Apple IDs and iCloud accounts, adding an extra bit of security for users. 

If the two-step verification feature is enabled, each time you try to log-in on a new device, a security code will be sent via SMS or the Find My iPhone app available from the App Store to get in. The two-step feature can be turned on by going to the Apple ID website and enabling it via the security tab. 

Apple isn't the first to roll out the extra security feature, as Google has made it available for its accounts for quite sometime. Like Google, Apple will provide you with a security code you can keep in your desk just in-case your phone is lost.


Right now, the process of turning on two-step verification seems to be a bit shaky as the folks in Cupertino roll it out. According to 9to5mac, it is available for users in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. 

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The security measures come after Mat Honan of Wired's Apple ID was severely hacked last year. Hackers were able to remotely wipe his iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, removing all the data. With two-step verification, the hackers would have had to have physical access to his devices to get in.

Apple will require a code when signing in to manage your account, making an iTunes, App Store, or iBookstore purchase from a new device, or getting Apple ID-related support from Apple, if you choose to enable it.

Writing by Jake Smith.