The life story of Steve Jobs is to be made into a manga comic book series in Japan and the first illustration from artist Mari Yamazaki has appeared online.

Officially licensed, the story will be serialised in "female comic" magazine Kiss. It will be based on the best-selling Walter Isaacson biography, entitled Steve Jobs, which will also be the grounding for the Sony Pictures' movie version of the late Apple CEO's life.

Yamazaki has been chosen to illustrate the series as she feels "sympathy for Jobs" and has a realistic and charming painting style. We think she's captured his likeness well, without trying to be photo-realistic and retain character.

steve jobs to be manga hero in official japanese comic series image 2

This won't the first comic book translation of Steve Jobs's life story, however. A tribute comic by Bluewater Productions appeared shortly after his death in 2011. Available through Comixology's Comics app on iPad, iPhone and Android, it seemed as if the last page had been hastily re-written to included an obituary. In short, it was hardly a fitting tribute.

Yamazaki's we believe, will be handled with much more sensitivity.

Main pic: Steve Jobs made with Manga Camera app on iPhone