Apple is set to release a next-generation MacBook Air with a redesigned structure and the possibility of a Retina display in the third-quarter of this year, according to Taiwanese newspaper Economic Times

The report says that the MacBook Air will not only receive an internal spec bump that includes the new Intel Haswell processor, but also upgraded external features. There wasn't a definite answer on if the MacBook Air will feature a Retina display, but the paper did offer the possibility.  

Besides the Retina display, no new external feature specifics were offered. It's not clear to what extent Apple plans to change design elements of the MacBook Air, currently its lightest and thinnest laptop.

Pricing and battery life have been cited as drawbacks to why Apple hasn't yet released a Retina MacBook Air alongside its Retina MacBook Pro brethren. Perhaps the company and manufacturing partners have ironed out the issues and are ready to offer it by Christmas this year. 

Economic Times said supplier Quanta was slated to receive component shipments for the new MacBook Air this summer to begin manufacturing.