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(Pocket-lint) - While not being experienced by everyone, some users are beginning to report issues with Apple's latest update to the iPhone and iPad, iOS 6.1. 

According to users on Apple's support forums and on social media, issues with iOS 6.1 include reduced battery life and overheating of the device.

In a support forum thread noticed by The Next Web, the differing impact of the update on users is pretty clear. The thread began with a user saying his battery life actually improved with the update, while others in the thread said battery was draining quickly. After about one and a half hours of standby, one user's battery quickly dropped to 23 per cent. 


Apple hasn't provided any official word on the issues caused by the update for some users, but if history tells us anything it may be boiled down to Wi-Fi. It was an issue prevalent in earlier versions of iOS 6, though according to Apple it was fixed. Battery life and overheating may be directly related.

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The update is also bringing problems to the iPhone 4S. According to carrier Vodafone, the iOS 6.1 update is causing issues with 3G. In a statement to Pocket-lint, Vodafone said: "We've just told iPhone 4S customers not to download iOS 6.1 while Apple works on a fix." The carrier also sent a mass text to users advising them not to update if at all possible. 

Apple first released iOS 6.1 to the masses on 28 January. It features LTE for more countries worldwide, the ability to purchase movie tickets via Siri, and download individual songs via iTunes Match. The number of impacted users isn't clear, but seems like a solid amount.

Issues are also hitting businesses as well. AOL's corporate team has temporarily ceased mobile meetings because of a bug within iOS 6.1.

According to the company's CIO Michael Freker in a statement to 9to5mac, "AOL’s corporate Enterprise Messaging Operations team has been monitoring a rapidly increasing and unusually large volume of traffic across our enterprise mail environment originating from iOS devices running the new iOS 6.1 update.

"We have researched this problem and it appears to be connected to a recently identified issue that seems to cause these iOS devices to continuously loop while synchronising a recurring calendar meeting invitation."

It's not clear when Apple may release iOS 6.1.1 to perhaps fix some of these issues, though it has entered testing with developers.

We've reached out to Apple in the hope of learning more.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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