Apple has announced that it will stop selling the current model of the Mac Pro in Europe on 1 March, 2013. The change comes after new regulations going into effect on said date, but countries outside Europe will not be affected. 

“Due to evolving regulatory requirements, Apple will stop selling Mac Pro in EU, EU candidate and EFTA countries on March 1, 2013,” Apple told The Loop. “After that date, retailers can sell existing inventory but Apple will no longer ship Mac Pro in those countries.”

According to Macworld UK, the regulations are centered around electrical port protection and fan guards in the Mac Pro, though Apple says it still considers the system a safe product. 

Aimed at the professional market, the Mac Pro last received a minor spec bump in the summer following Apple's World Wide Developer Conference.

It's not clear if Apple will release an update for the Mac Pro to fix the issue. Interestingly, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed last year Apple is “working on something really great” for the Mac Pro line, slated for sometime in 2013.