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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is going to move some manufacturing to the US in 2013, shifting away from the current factories in China.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, confirmed in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek: "Next year we’re going to bring some production to the US." 


Apple moved manufacturing to China in the in the late-1990s, as many companies did to capitalise on the cheaper costs, having previously had facilities in the US doing most of the work. 

Many components are still manufactured in the US, with Cook confirming that the work would encompass more than just the final assembly process.

It was also confirmed that the product line moving to the US would be one of the existing Macs, which ties in with a recent discovery by 9to5mac of an "Assembled in USA" label on an iMac.

However, this move is mostly political: rather than shifting because of some problem with the current arrangements in China, it's a move to re-invest in the economy and bring jobs back to the US.

Whether that will have any impact on cost to the customer is yet to be seen, but Cook confirmed that Apple was investing more than $100 million in the project.

Separately, in a preview of an NBC interview to be shown in the US today, Cook explained that part of the problem with the move back to the States was the lack of the required skills, which China offers.

Writing by Chris Hall.