Pixar has named the main building at its headquarters after the man who helped to finance the company in 1986 and was one of the instrumental figures in seeing it move into a full-scale movie animation studio.

The Steve Jobs Building has been so named to honour the late Apple CEO's memory, something that has gained distinct approval from Pixar staff members. One, Junn Lee (@ijunns) reposted a picture of the building taken by a friend along with the message, "Love you Mr. Jobs!"

Pixar fan site The Pixar Times reveals that the design of the newly named location was aided by Jobs himself. "Peering in through the windows, you can clearly see the outline of Sulley, confirming that this is the main building that Steve Jobs himself played a major role in designing," it says.

"He came up with the idea that the building should be centred around a large atrium."

Pixar also honoured Jobs with a touching tribute during the end credits of Brave.

Pic: Tweeted by Pixar Employee Junn Lee